Easy-care houseplants to bring nature into your home
20 April 2023

Houseplants can bring a room to life, as well as having some great benefits for our mental and physical wellbeing. But in a busy world, the thought of investing time and money into fussy foliage and particular plants can be off-putting.

Want to create that calming, lush vibe at home without the high maintenance? Read on for five of our favourite no-fuss indoor plants, and where you can find them in Hemel Hempstead.

Spider plantsA spider plant in a pot

This stripy, spiky evergreen is a classic houseplant and one of the easiest to grow and care for, making them hugely popular. They cope well with low and artificial light and look great spilling down from a high shelf or windowsill. Spider plants also have air purifying properties – according to a study by NASA, spider plants were able to remove 95% of chemicals from the air in 24 hours.

A string of hearts plant in a potString of hearts

Whimsical trailing heart-shaped leaves are the hallmark of this undemanding houseplant; show it off by setting it high on a shelf where you can glimpse the rosy underside of the silvery leaves. Forgot to water it? No need to worry – this plant likes to dry out between soaks.

A parlour palmParlour palm

The Victorians were onto a winner with this plant, which thrives in low light. Elegant, easy to look after, and excellent at purifying the air – you can see why it remains a favourite. The feathery leaves bring a lushness to any room and mature plans can even bloom with little yellow flowers! In every possible way – including light, water, humidity and temperature – parlour palms don’t make a fuss, so they’re the perfect low-maintenance housemate for even the busiest among us.

A selection of potted succulentsSucculents

Make a feature of your windowsill with a stylish succulent. They’re great plants for beginners and with so many shapes and colours available, you’ll be able to make a real feature out of these beauties. Just keep an eye on water – they store moisture in their leaves so you don’t need to overdo it.

Pothos houseplantPothos

Foliage is a great way to uplift a room – and your mood, as research shows houseplants can help reduce stress. The sprawling, lush stems of a pothos are guaranteed to make you smile. And with its ability to thrive in low light and tolerate dryness (in fact, it prefers not to sit in water!), it’s a perfect easy-going plant to keep at home.

Wondering where to get houseplants near Hamilton Apartments?

Pop down the high street to dog-friendly Old Town Hive where you can enjoy an organic coffee as you check out the houseplants on sale inside. With regularly changing stock from a local supplier, there’s sure to be something to catch your eye!

Hillier Garden Centre is a five-minute drive from Hamilton Apartments, offering a large selection of plants for home and garden, as well as beautiful homeware too. While you’re there, enjoy a drink at the Mulberry & Thyme coffee shop onsite.

Hemel Hempstead Garden Centre, about ten minutes’ drive away, started as a family farm growing and selling watercress and now has an expansive range of indoor and outdoor plants and furniture.