Stylish simplicity is at the heart of Japanordic design
11 July 2023

There is an undeniable link between interior design and mood. More than just the decorative flourishes – although those play their part – space planning and flow, colour theory, lighting, textures and more all come together to create a place that has a positive impact. At Mura Living, we draw on Japanordic design principles to create homes that are calm and clutter-free.

Our partners at H+G Design Group brought their expertise to the interiors of Hamilton Apartments, devising a concept that balanced Japanese simplicity and Scandinavian natural design. The resulting ‘Japanordic’ aesthetic celebrates stylish simplicity and creates private and communal spaces in which you can relax, unwind and live your best life; values that are at the heart of Mura Living.

Japanordic – a ‘less is more’ lifestyle

Japanordic fuses two minimalist design styles, as well as the qualities of ‘hygge’ (the Scandi homely feeling of cosiness) and ‘wabi-sabi’ (the Japanese quest for finding beauty in imperfection).

In practice, this means spaces are filled intentionally with statement objects and feature walls to bring a refined simplicity to the building. Warm Nordic furnishings complement the sleek lines of Japanese design, with a rich colour palette used consciously to elevate the neutral tones typical of Scandinavian interiors.

You can truly appreciate the Japanordic aesthetic in the airy communal areas.

The welcome lobby’s rich teal walls and wooden accents take advantage of the double-height ceiling to create a warm, inviting entrance.

The inky sophistication of the shared dining area and residents’ lounge, offset by bright purples, organically shaped ornaments and beautiful crane-print wallpaper makes for a homely space in which to share meals and conversation with your fellow residents.

And the bright, monochromatic gym with a wellness suite above is peppered with biophilic touches such as foliage and wood accents; a perfect, calming place to nurture both mind and body, whether you’re using the cardio equipment or hitting the mat for some meditation and yoga.

Let there be light

Space planning makes wonderful use of available light at Hamilton Apartments. Large windows in the communal areas provide plenty of natural daylight, while practical window films preserve your privacy. Throughout the communal areas, layered artificial lighting creates a warm atmosphere via a range of statement pendants, ceiling sconces, floor lamps and wall lights. In the gym and wellness space, floor to ceiling mirrors bounce natural light across the room. All of this helps create bright, airy spaces in which you can relax and unwind.

Order and spaciousness

Two essential elements of Japanordic décor are order and spaciousness. At Hamilton Apartments, interconnected spaces flow from one room to another and within the rooms themselves, the positioning of furniture creates a purposeful flow around the space. Decorative elements are placed carefully to enhance this fluidity.

A Mura home is effortless, so each apartment embraces functionality too. This incorporates the Scandinavian design theory that each piece of the design should support a practical function-driven space. In the bedrooms, sleek smart storage is incorporated into the bed base for a discreet place to store large items, while bedside tables incorporate a practical storage drawer and wall shelving is introduced to provide further storage. Sleek dining and living room furniture that is comfortable but not domineering inhabits the space.

But what about if you want to opt for an unfurnished apartment? The layout creates the perfect canvas for your own style, while maintaining the essence of Japanordic design. Space is maximised, with an emphasis on bringing in natural light, and taking advantage of the beautiful views from the upper floors. Accent walls in the living room and bedroom provide that burst of colour to anchor your individual pieces into the room.

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